Hello 👋🏼

Hi, I’m Emily. 

I’m a 20-something PR professional and I live, work and play in Lansing, Michigan.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet start a blog. Why? Because it marries two of my favorite things: writing and dicking around on the internet.

I have hesitations about blogging because, despite being a millennial, I’m not so self-absorbed that I think anyone actually cares what I have to say. (But if you do, you should follow me on Twitter where the majority of my witty content lives. Or if you prefer highly staged photos, might I suggest following me on Instagram?)*

I’ve always toyed with the idea of starting a blog but failed to commit because, in reality, I kind of thought that it was a waste of time. Then I met a kickass lifestyle blogger, who introduced me to other awesome bloggers (both in person and online), and realized it’s far from it.

Not only is blogging an amazing creative outlet, it allows you to tap into a community of other like-minded people and share your thoughts, experiences and recommendations. 

Then I had another realization, à la Mindy Kaling: why not me?

I have lots of hobbies—and blogging feels like a great way to combine all of them in one cohesive space. 

If you like plants, makeup, art, politics or cats we’ll probably get along. If you don’t? You should still stick around. 

Stay tuned!

*That’s right, folks. I’m not above shameless plugs. Speaking of which, have you tried those amazing detox teas? I’m totally kidding. (But if you happen to read this, Fit Tea, I’d totally pimp your product in exchange for cold, hard cash.)

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