Babe in Paradise product review

Bretman Rock…ed the shit out of his collab with Morphe.

If you don’t know who Bretman Rock is, stop reading this and look at his Instagram or Youtube right now. I have followed Bretman since he was a relatively small account, making mostly Vine-esque comedy videos. That’s right. A1 since day 1, bitch.

On a serious note, Bretman does more than just create great content. He renewed my love of YouTube in a time where I was started to feel a little jaded about YouTubers who seemed to be taking themselves too seriously by being unapologetically himself (or whateva).

Glow Kween

Everything about Babe in Paradise screams Bretman Rock. From the island vibe of the packaging to the names of the shades, this palette couldn’t be any more Bretman and I’m heeeere for it.

Even if you don’t know who Bretman Rock is, or just don’t give a shit, you should still snag one of these while they’re still available. The palette offers six different shades—enough to offer a blinding highlight for any skin tone and, bitch, they are creamy and dreamy.

If you’re obsessed with being a perpetually glowy bitch™ like I am, then picking this palette up is a no brainer. If you tend to err on the conservative side, i.e. one of those people who only think highlight is for going out or special occasions, than (you’re wrong) but you’ll still love this— let me explain why.

Every last color in this palette is extremely buildable. If you just want a healthy, lit-from-within glow, you’ll be golden (pun intended) after just sweeping a light sheen on the high points of your face. If you’re trying to shine like a freshly glazed donut, then layer that shit on henny. Pro tip: if you want to shine even brighter, spray your brush with a setting spray (I typically use Mac Fix+) before dipping it in the pan. NASA will be able to see that glow from space, sis.



At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love how versatile this palette is.

Ranging from an almost holographic pearlescent pink (BEHEH GURL), to a deep golden bronze (SHADY BITCH), there is something in here for every skin tone. Props to Bretman for creating a product that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

In my opinion, this is more of a general cheek palette than a highlight palette. But obviously, I say that as someone who loves highlighter and is okay with layering on multiple layers of shimmer, sheen and shine. Vaygaytion and Mahu work best on my skin tone as highlights, which are a light champagne and gold colors, respectively, but don’t kid yourself—I’m not going to let the other colors in the palette just sit and go to waste.

  • BEHBEH GURL (pearlescent pink)

A pearlescent pink color and, quite frankly, probably my least favorite shade in the palette. I initially stayed away from this entirely but lately have been using it in addition to my blush and it actually works well that way!

  • VAYGAYTION (iced champagne sheen)

I am all about champagne highlights because they’re most flattering to my skin tone. All things considered, this was the shade that I was most excited about and it.did.not.disappoint. I was amazed at how buildable this way and just how shiny it got while simultaneously melting into the skin and not at all looking chalky or powdery. Obsessed.

  • MAHU (gilded gold)

Gold highlights are a close second to champagne highlights, in my opinion. Except, thanks to my nearly translucent skin, they don’t alway look great when I’m not sporting a tan. This shade is amaaaaazing and I want to cover my entire body in it.

  • GET LEI’D (peachy pink sheen)

I’ve know everybody and their brother has a giant hard-on for all thing rose gold right now, but if I’m being honest I’ve just never gotten into rose-gold highlights. They don’t do me any favors. I thought this would be the same, but it’s not! God, sometimes I love when I’m wrong. This one is bordering between being rose gold and champagne and it is the shade that I never knew I needed.

  • CHEEHOO (soft rose sheen)

I can’t use this shade as a highlighter but I’m not going to let it sit in the pan and go to waste. This is the perfect shade for a shimmery blush. It gives the healthiest, prettiest sheen to the cheeks and reminds me a lot of Nars Deep Throat. If you’re intimidated about using a highlight as a blush go in baby steps! I like to mix this with other products by dipping my brush into a pan of normal blush, then tapping it in Cheehoo, and back once more into the blush. The perfect cheeky glow without being overwhelming. 😉

  • SHADY BITCH (golden copper luster)

I love that Bretman included a highlight for deeper skin tones because so many palettes don’t and men and women of all skin tones and undertones should have an equal opportunity to be a perpetually glowy bitch.™ Obviously, considering that my skin tone varies between Edward Cullen and Wonder Bread it would be a cold day in hell before I could use this as a highlight, but this work bomb as a bronzer.



Even Kramer had to check out Babe in Paradise

For only $29 you get the highlighting palette, which includes six universally flattering colors, and a fan brush. Prior to purchasing this palette, I had never used a Morphe highlighter before and, I’m ashamed to admit, for some reason, I was a little skeptical.

Before actually putting them to use, I swatched them on my wrist and instantly knew that I didn’t have any reason to be skeptical. Not only are these highlighters some of the creamiest, butteriest highlights I have ever used, the color payoff is insane. I was shook.

Even if I had previously used a Morphe highlighter, it wouldn’t be fair to base my opinion of Babe in Paradise on that because this palette was the unveiling of Morphe’s new High Impact Highlighter formula. According to their website, the new formula is designed to be “creamy, zero-gravity and create explosive, prismatic effects so you can glow all out,” and I would say that it absolutely lives up to those claims.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t have high expectations for the brush. For starters, I’m not a huge fan of fan brushes (pun intended) for applying highlighter and, considering the price, I (wrongly) assumed it wouldn’t be great quality.

I will gladly admit that I was wrong AF about that. The brush is amazing, too. It’s made out of natural hair and deposits color on the face in the most amazing way. I normally use the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighting brush because I think it has the best payoff, but this is a close contender. I might be reaching for this one instead.


I am obsessed with the Bretman Rock x Morphe collaboration. Not only is the color payoff amazing, the highlighters are creamy, blendable and feel weightless on your skin. Babe in Paradise has replaced all of my other highlights (for now) and I would recommend this to anyone—from beginner to pro, from natural highlight girls to my fellow glazed donuts. And another bonus? You don’t even have to buy it online—you can pick it up at your local Ulta.


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