Saying goodbye to my old apartment

Despite the fact that I’ve been singing the theme song from the Jeffersons while moving things into my new apartment, I’m still feeling weirdly sentimental about leaving my old place. If you know anything about my old apartment, you’ll know that it wasn’t the greatest place. It was small—just one bedroom. The kitchen was tiny and the appliances were outdated. The oven didn’t bake things evenly. The fridge randomly stopped working. The bathtub was always clogged and the toilet had it’s fair share of issues, too. In terms of security, it wasn’t the safest. I watched people break into cars one night the first year I lived there, and earlier this year someone tried to break in while I was home. Maintenance was a giant pain in the ass, from being told that in order to fix my cabinet they’d have to renovate the entire kitchen (costing me an extra $25 bucks a month) to failing to fix my ceiling when it started leaking.

So yeah, the place had myriad issues. But it was my home for the past three years. It was the first place I ever lived on my own, and that was a big step for me and I was really proud of that. It was my college apartment, and later my bachelor(ette) pad. It was the place that Max came to stay the night with me at and the place I brought Kramer home to the day I adopted him. I have a lot of great memories in that apartment, and a lot of really fucking bad ones, too. To be honest, I lived there during, arguably, the worst period of my life—but at the end of the day it was always the place I came home to.

Before I said goodbye for the last time (and moved into my gorgeous natural-light filled two bedroom apartment with a fully renovated kitchen and new appliances) I wanted to share pictures of the tiny little one bedroom apartment I called home for so many years.



Arguably my least favorite room in the entire (lol) apartment, this kitchen has been the bane of my existence. There were plenty of cupboards, but the lack of counter space drove me insane. There was literally no room to do anything! Do you see the messed up cabinet? When I asked if they would fix it or replace that specific cupboard they told me they couldn’t and the only solution was to renovate the entire kitchen which would, in turn, hike up my rent. 



I loved this dining room. I never used it, but I was adamant that I wanted one. My last apartment, that I shared with a roommate, didn’t have a dining room, just shitty bar seating. You know how Carrie Bradshaw stores sweaters in her oven? Well, I used my dining room table as an abosolute catch-all. Bills? Throw them on the table. Clothes? On the table. This photo was 100 percent staged. (And please note the BeautyBlender my asshole cat stole from me sitting next to the chair.)




I liked this living room. I was a little overzealous when buying furniture and bought two couches, one that blocked the door to my patio meaning I never used it. It didn’t really matter though, because that door would come off the track whenever you tried to open it. Luxury living!



Despite all its technical flaws (as in this plumbing will ruin your life, like the time my toilet overflowed and flooded my bathroom) this bathroom wasn’t awful aesthetically. It had a large linen closet, which was super convenient. 7/10.




I’m not going to lie. I loved this bedroom and I think I will miss it. It’s huge. It’s 13×14. I had so much stuff in it and there is still plenty of room to move around. It went through multiple iterations, first decorated very femininely with purple and floral accents, then, about a year and a half ago, transitioned into an edgier, more grown-up vibe with abstract art and neutral colors and, most importantly, it became my plant sanctuary.  Also that comforter is from Target and, while I love it, it gets SO wrinkly. If you know how to keep this from happening, please let me know.

I’m still in the process of unpacking all my shit and settling into my new place. Once it’s done and everything is the way I want it, I’ll do an updated tour!

One thought on “Saying goodbye to my old apartment

  1. Tracy Abell says:

    Your post showed up in my feed after I posted today about my long-ago tiny apartment. It was great fun reading about your first place that had lots of problems but was also the setting for lots of memories. So glad I found this!

    Liked by 1 person

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