Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations: What I’m Buying

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎶Nope, not the holidays. Sephora’s VIB sale.

Listen, we’re all balling on a budget but that’s not going to stop us (read: me) from spending exorbitant amounts of money on makeup and skincare.

This is the time that I buy products that I would not otherwise buy if they weren’t 20 percent off, and stock up on all the other expensive things I slather on my face and body on the reg.

Here’s my list 👇

 Huda Beauty Concealer: $30

I’m going to channel my inner Owen Wilson here because all I can say is: wow.

I have been using Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer religiously for years.  I had seen people online talking about this concealer but for some reason, I didn’t realize that it was available in store. When I saw it, I snatched it up right away. The coverage of this concealer is insane. It’s like using paint on your face, but because I am a Coverage Queen, I love it. If I’m being 100 percent honest, my absolute favorite thing about this concealer is the metal applicator. It feels amazing on tired eyes in the morning.

Shape Tape who

Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask $48

If you live in Michigan, or anywhere that gets cold in the winter, you need to stop what you’re doing and high tail it over to Sephora. For real. This mask will change your life. My skin has been feeling dry lately and so I bought this on a whim hoping it would help. It did.

I know that the package says to leave on for 10 minutes and wipe off, but that’s not how use it. I slather a thick white layer of this over my face a la Mrs. Doubtfire every night and wake up with baby smooth skin in the morning. Enjoy.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Pillow Talk: $34

Honestly, where do I even start with this product? The formula and shade are both impeccable. You know how when you wear liquid lipstick you can feel the moisture leaving first your lips and then your entire body? This lipstick isn’t like that. It’s long wearing, but comfortable. It’s the best “your lips but better” lipstick and shade on the market. Truly, it is the best nude lipstick I have ever used. (For some reason, that doesn’t stop me from buying every other nude lipstick that I come across, but just know, this is the best of the best.)

If you have a skin tone similar to mine, you won’t be disappointed.

Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial $68

I saw this on a display at Sephora and asked an employee if she had tried it/what she thought. Her response? “It’s like getting a new face.” Uh, take my money!

I’m not quite sure that it lived up to those claims, but it did make my face soft, cleared up some breakouts I was having and left my skin with a fresh, dewy glow. Pro tip: If you use the Jet Lag mask immediately after using this mask, it really will feel and look like you have a new face. You’re welcome.

Farsali Skintune Blur Perfecting Primer Serum $54

Some people don’t think that primers are worth using, but I am not one of those people. When I saw that this primer claimed to have a face blurring effect I was sold. I feel like every new cosmetic product that comes out instantaneously has a plethora of reviews on YouTube, so you can imagine my surprise when I went to do some research on this and saw it had barely been mentioned. Maybe Farsali didn’t have a big budget for this product launch? Anyway, there seemed to be a consensus among the reviews I did watch and that was that this product isn’t that great. I didn’t let that deter me, though. I decided to try it anyway and I love it. I think it does what it claims to: hydrates the skin, blurs pores and imperfections and creates a nice base for makeup application.

I have oily skin and this does a pretty good job of keeping me from looking like a greaseball, which is a plus. I will say that the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It comes in a dropper like all other Farsali products, but because it’s so thick, getting the product out is difficult.

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm $34

I’ve been using the Clinique Melt the Day Away balm for probably 5 years, but decided to give this one a try and I actually like it more! Both products have the same premise—a solid makeup remover balm that liquifies once it’s on your skin. Personally, I think that this one works better. It also claims to have skincare benefits, which is a lofty claim since it sits on my face for approximately 30 seconds each day. Strangely enough, my problematic, acne-prone skin has been looking clearer lately so maybe there is something to that?

Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask $20

My lips have been extremely dry lately. So much so that I decided to Google it and was met with the suggestion of “extremely dry lips cancer.” This is why I shouldn’t use the internet.

This mask is kind of splurge. For starters, it’s not a run of the mill lip balm. It’s a sleeping mask, meaning you slather it on your lips at night in order to wake up with silky, smooth lips. The packaging is very luxe. It comes in a jar with a little spatula to apply it with (and the spatula even comes in it’s own little rubber envelope, which I thought was cute). 

My mom has been using a much cheaper “lip sleeping mask” called Vaseline for 30 years, and that works just fine. But if you’re in a treat yo self mood and want to splurge on a spa-like experience, this is a good place to start.

Bobbi Brown Face Base $60

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking “how many primers can one person own?” but the answer is a lot. I was drawn to this primer because 1) the packaging and 2) in addition to prepping your skin for makeup, it claims to have a lot of skincare benefits. I’ve been taking skincare a lot more seriously lately and I loved the idea of prepping my face with something that would actually be beneficial for my skin, rather than just beneficial for makeup application. So far, I’m loving this. It feels extremely luxurious, makes my makeup glide on effortlessly and stay put all day. The only downside is that it has a rather strong citrus scent but, for me, the benefits outweigh the smell.

Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Palette $65

Honestly, where do I start? This palette is gorgeous and unlike any other palette that is on the market right now. It comes with 18 intensely pigmented shades, including a cream concealer, which I think is genius. The price may sound steep at first, but broken down is $3.61 per shadow, which isn’t awful.


There are matte shades, reflective duochrome shadows and two pressed glitters. Every shade that I have tried is insanely pigmented. Even the duochrome shadows and the pressed glitters impressed me. There was no fallout whatsoever and they stayed on my eyelids for 8+ hours.

This palette is so outside of my natural comfort zone. I normally go for warm-toned everything, but I thought this was so gorgeous I had to try it and i love it! You can create so many looks from very wearable everyday looks to something super over-the-top and glittery. This palette doesn’t disappoint.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation $42

This is the OG foundation. Back in the day, every YouTuber used/recommended this foundation and, naturally, I bought it. I used it religiously for years, but at some point I chose to stray and purchase something else. After many trials and errors with other subpar foundations, this prodigal son found her way back.

This foundation is very full coverage (without being cakey), dries to a satin matte finish and wears allllll day (and night) long. If you like light coverage, you’ll hate it. If you like full coverage, you’ll love it.


Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue

Fragrance *never* goes on sale, so when it’s 20% you have to snatch some up. I used to wear Dole and Gabanna Light Blue years ago, and have started wearing it again lately and have gotten so many compliments on it. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a new, fresh bottle.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Josie Maran Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter in Honey
  2. Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Venus
  3. Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencil in Infinite Sand


While it’s true that I’m going to drop a disgusting amount of money during this sale, I at least have to be strategic about it. This is the perfect time to purchase things you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t wanted to pay full price for. Fragrance


3 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations: What I’m Buying

  1. itsrachelcatherine says:

    This is the best post!! I seriously want everything! I def had the Summer Fridays face masks on my wish list for a while now. I’m all about that hydrated life. haha
    I’m going to have to add these to my Christmas wish list.
    Thanks for the awesome post girly!

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