Top Five Size-Inclusive Target Sweaters for Under $25

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re almost halfway through November, it gets dark at 4:30 p.m. and every day feels less like fall and more like winter. Hello, seasonal depression! 


If you’re like me and hate winter and everything about it, these awesome (and super affordable!) sweaters might help you produce the tiny little bit of serotonin needed to get through the day.

Dolman Sleeve Turtleneck Tunic Sweater – A New Day — $20

I’ve never really been a big fan of turtlenecks until this year and now I can’t stop buying them. In fact, this is my favorite sweater of all time. I now own it in 4 colors. I can’t stop buying them.  It’s super comfortable and very flattering and it’s on sale right now for only $20. Bonus: this sweater comes in both straight and plus sizes. Yay for size inclusivity! You can purchase the plus option here.

Long Sleeve Rib-Knit Cuff Chenille Open Cardigan – A New Day — $19.59

We love a gorgeous chenille moment! (I just saw JVN last night and have been referring to things as moments, it’s fine. Just go with it.) I actually purchased this cardigan last year and I wear it around my apartment all the time. I love the color options for this because I’m very into jewel tones. This is also on sale for less than $20 right now, you better get to Target ASAP. A New Day typically has pretty generous sizing, and I can normally comfortably wear their straight sizes. However, here is a very similar plus-size option.

Leopard Print Long Sleeve Open Cardigan – Knox Rose — $24.49

My friend Andrea of Blonde Bedhead has this cardigan and it is so cute. I love a good long-line cardigan because I’m a huge fan of clothing that feels like a bathrobe but is socially acceptable to wear in public. Bonus points that it’s leopard print! Fun fact about me: I was in 5th grade when my parents bought a new house and let me choose how to decorate my new room. I went with all leopard everything. Like, literally everything. Bed spread, wall art, throw pillows. It was truly a sight to behold. 

Striped Long Sleeve Crewneck Pullover Sweater – Ava & Viv — $20.99

This sweater was an impulse purchase that was way out of my comfort zone. I’m typically all about neutrals. I like black, camel, olive green and leopard print. As a plus size person, I typically shy away from horizontal stripes but, you know, the “rules” about what’s flattering and what isn’t, but I decided that that’s bullshit and I will wear whatever I want to. So, I bought this sweater and I love it. (I did spill ramen on it, so it’s currently being stain treated lol). Here’s a similar non-plus size version.

Long Sleeve V-Neck Pullover Sweater – Prologue — $24.99

I love this sweater because it’s so basic but it’s also very chic. Plus, I’m getting some very serious Yeezy vibes from this? Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It could also be that I fell into a very deep Kanye rabbit hole earlier when I learned he wants to change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire before he runs for President in 2024. Anyway, I feel like everyone needs a basic black sweater and a basic camel sweater and this is a great, affordable option. Here’s a similar plus size option.

For full transparency this post contains affiliate links, meaning, I may earn a small commission if you happen to click on a link and make a purchase (at no cost to you).  It also allows me to see what things you are interested in and helps me create future relevant posts.

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