Winter Skincare Favorites

Even though we haven’t really had much snow or winter weather in Michigan so far, this has felt like the longest winter ever. Is it just me? 


When the season changes, your skincare routine should too. I feel like I’ve finally found a combination of products that are working really well both for my oily/acne prone skin and the weird dry patches that have popped up due to the dry winter air. I’ve actually been getting compliments on my skin, which makes my heart sing. 

Here are the products and services I’ve been loving:



I honestly could/should dedicate an entire blog post to the Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum. I had seen it online for awhile, but always prefer to see/smell/touch things in person before purchasing. I saw that this was available in store at Sephora during a weekend when there was an ice storm effectively paralyzing mid-Michigan but my dumbass actually drove to Sephora to buy it anyway. I have no regrets.

I use this at night after applying my skincare and I think it has made a big difference. This product has gotten tons of media attention and won multiple awards from PopSugar, Health and was even recommended by Oprah herself. It includes 20 potent botanicals, including Sea Buckthorn, Calendula, Sandalwood and Rose, which gently resurface and detoxify, while 500mg of full-spectrum CBD deeply nourishes and calms. 

This product has not made my skin breakout at all. In fact, despite the fact that I’ve been really stressed out and overwhelmed, my skin has been clearer and glowing. As an added bonus, the black and gold packaging is incredibly chic.



When I first bought this I thought it might be kind of a gimmick but I decided to try it out anyway. It is idiot-proof. You literally just add it as the last step to whatever skincare products you’re already using as part of your nighttime routine.

Drunk Elephant claims that F Balm is focused on replenishing and strengthening skin’s acid mantle via high doses of electrolytes, omega fatty acids, ceramides, and powerful antioxidants. The package suggests using 4-5 pumps, which I find really excessive so I use 1-2 and do find that it makes a difference. 

F Balm, paired with the Saint Jane serum, have really made a difference for me. These two products are currently my winter skincare dynamic duo. I slather them on my face after double cleansing, toning and using my AlphaRet Overnight Cream and I go to bed so moisturized that I look like a glazed donut. 



If you’re looking for a retinol—which you should be if you don’t already use one!— I cannot recommend this one enough. I tried the Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream and was not impressed. For one, it’s $74 for 1 oz of product and 2) the packaging is horrible. Even if you loved it and thought it was the best product you’ve ever used, you’re going to lose half of it because it just oozes out of the tube, no matter what you do. 

Skinbetter’s AlphaRet Overnight cream is $130 for 1 ounce of product BUT it’s a higher concentration of retinol (it’s medical grade and can only be sold under the supervision of a doctor) and the packaging isn’t going to waste half the product.

In the 6 months or so that I’ve been using this product daily, I haven’t finished an entire bottle. My skin is clearer and smoother, my pores are smaller and the wrinkles that were starting to become slightly etched into my forehead are less noticeable.

If you’re interested in purchasing any skinbetter products or any medical grade products in general, stop by Aesthetics Med Spa or call them at (517) 574-4655. Tell them I sent you!



I will use any product that my aesthetician, Jennifer Edwards, recommends to me without hesitation. She suggested this product to me back in the summer when I was having some breakouts and it has made a huge difference. I use this at night after I wash my face by applying some to a cotton round. Pro tip: I recently started using reusable bamboo cotton rounds to reduce the amount of waste I produce. You throw them in a bag and wash them with the rest of your clothes. It’s genius! 

This medical-grade product is made with glycolic acid and salicylic acid and promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells, minimizes and prevents blemishes and removes make-up and dirt.


I love a good chemical peel. Jennifer uses AlphaRet professional peels on me and they are amazing. I think that regular chemical peels have really helped my skin get clear and stay clear. If you’re struggling with breakouts, I highly suggest investing in one. They’re regularly inexpensive, especially in comparison to some less effective, over-the-counter or even high-end beauty products. You can book an appointment or consultation with Jennifer here.

Today and tomorrow Sephora is offering BOGO 30% off on skincare products. Use code SAVEONSKIN to shop online. Will you pick anything up? What products are you loving this winter? 


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