Buy or Bye: Urban Decay All Nighter Collection

I have oily skin. When using the right combination of primers, powders and setting sprays, I can keep the oil at bay and look glowy and dewy as opposed to shiny. Unfortunately, when I use the wrong products, I end up looking like an oil slick by mid-morning. 



I started using the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Sprayback in 2012 when I was a freshman in college when I realized that going to parties presented a new. challenge to my makeup routine. By then I had perfected my routine for both summer and winter, but if I was going to be #Sparty-ing, I needed my makeup to be even more durable and long-wearing. 

From that point on, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting spray has been a staple in my collection. When I saw that Urban Decay had recently expanded their All Nighter collection with a primer, setting powder and Ultra Matte setting spray. I decided to give it a college try. 😉


I really wanted to like this. It’s not scented (something I look for in both skincare and cosmetics), it comes in a pump, feels both smoothing and moisturizing and has a slightly tacky feel—which is expected of something that claims to be long-wearing.

Unfortunately, the buck stops there. I noticed that this product made my foundation application look not-so-hot at best, but I still wanted to give it a chance. I’ve been using an Artis brush to apply my foundation recently, and some primers require stippling motion vs. rubbing with a brush. I’ve tried both ways—and even tried a sponge—and this does nothing for me.

To be fair, the product doesn’t claim to be smoothing or pore minimizing. It’s selling point is that it controls oil but my biggest issue is that this does nothing to control oil or extend the longevity of my makeup. If anything, I got oily earlier in the day using this product than I did when I didn’t use any primer at all. If you keep reading, you’ll see that this is a common complaint among all these products.


I had really, really high hopes for this powder. It claims to, “smooth skin, block shine and extend the life of foundation.” It also claims that it will keep makeup locked into place for 11 hours. I can unequivocally assure you that none of those are true. In fact, my face looked greasier using all three All Nighter products than it normally does using the Laura Mercier setting powder.


On a quest for the truth, and to figure out if maybe one of these products lived up to its claims while the others bastardized my entire makeup routine, I tried using this in a variety of situations: with the primer, without the primer, with the setting spray, without the setting spray. It doesn’t matter. This does nothing to keep my oil at bay. It also does nothing for the longevity of my makeup.

The worst part, is that this is NOT a translucent powder. After you apply it, you will absolutely notice that your makeup gets darker. Like a few shades. For me, it almost seemed to continue to oxidize throughout the day leaving me with a orange-cast on my face and a very pale neck. Not cute.


The real OG. Even if the other two suck, this one will totally live up to if not exceed my expectations, right? WRONG. Seriously, WTF, Urban Decay. 

Again, I thought for sure that if I did my makeup like I normally do, without the primer or powder, that this product would remind me of how wonderful it was, and keep my face looking matte and put together even if I was sweating or crying or doing God knows what. It didn’t. It was a disaster, with oil breaking through my makeup by mid-morning. 

The All Nighter Setting Spray has been a staple in my makeup routine for the better part of a decade and I swear by it. I’m not sure what this bottle of trash water was, but I will absolutely not be repurchasing it. 


If you’re looking for products to actually control oil there are a couple that I would suggest. Becca’s Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is hands down the best mattifying primer that I have tried. Unless something has changed, I still highly recommend Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray and their De-Slick spray. If you’re not into sprays or primers, my absolute favorite powder of all time is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I always apply a light dusting of powder over my makeup when I finish to keep my shine at bay throughout the day, but if you’re really oily there’s another trick you can try.

I know it seems counterintuitive, but if you really want to make sure your makeup stays matte, apply a light dusting of powder before you put your foundation on. I like to use a damp beauty sponge to apply powder all over my face, and then go in and do the rest of my make up like I usually would. I know that it seems like your make up would probably look really cakey and crazy but somehow it doesn’t. In fact, strangely enough, it ends up looking even more flawless—almost FaceTuned— and you will stay matte throughout the entire day. 


I’m not sure if this entire collection is just overwhelmingly disappointing or if there was something wrong with the products that I got specifically, but I absolutely do not recommend purchasing any of these products. 


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