An Honest Review of AURIC by Samantha Ravndahl

Most recent makeup launches have been lackluster at best and, as a result, it takes a lot to get me really excited about something. AURIC, the new beauty brand created by YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl actually did that for me—and I say that as someone who isn’t even a big fan of hers. (For the record, I don’t dislike her, I just don’t watch her videos or consume her content on a regular basis.)

For the first launch, AURIC debuted two products: Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer and Smoke Reflect Eyeshadow Duos. Keep reading for my honest review of both.


As I previously admitted, I don’t watch Samantha Ravndahl’s videos on a regular basis so I’m not super familiar with her. When I very first heard about this brand I kind of rolled my eyes because I felt like “do we really need another influencer coming out with a brand (or a Morphe collaboration parading as a brand?)?” I will happily admit that I was wrong and go ahead and rightfully eat my slice of humble pie.

AURIC is not an influencer brand. It’s a brand created by an influencer and, yes, that’s an important distinction.

You can tell that an immense amount of thought and detail went into the creation of this brand. I personally appreciate that Samantha didn’t just slap her name on something and call it a day. The name AURIC, which means of, relating to, or derived from gold, is an homage to the fact that gold is something that always has values, and according to Samantha, the most valuable things are people.

I also very much appreciate how inclusive the brand is, from the shade range to the marketing campaign—which features both men and women of various skin tones. The one thing I would appreciate seeing in the future would be more diverse body types in marketing campaigns.


When I said that you could tell a lot of thought and effort went into this, I meant it. Not only is the packaging of the actual products gorgeous (I am a sucker for matte black and shiny gold), the unit carton that it comes in is arguably the most beautiful piece of cardboard I have ever seen. It’s a stunning marbled blend of dark green, black, white and gray, with gold veining and embossed with gold letters that spell AURIC.

The packaging of the products themselves is lovely, too. It’s heavy—which is something I expect of a luxury product. The lids to the Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer are very difficult to get off, which I learned, was by design. In the video that she made announcing her brand, Samantha said that she wanted the lids to fit snugly so that they wouldn’t come off in your makeup bag, which I appreciate.


This was the product that I was most excited about.  This illuminating cream product can be worn on its own, mixed with a foundation, or used as a liquid highlight. I have used it all three ways and cannot stress enough just how impressive it is. This product comes in an impressive seven shades and also contains skin-loving ingredients like squalane, glycerin, and propanediol.


  • MORGANITE: Light cool beige
  • SELENITE: Light warm/neutral beige
  • PYRITE: Medium olive
  • CITRINE: Medium warm
  • GOLDSTONE: Medium/deep warm
  • AXINITE: Deep neutral
  • TOURMALINE: Deep neutral/cool


$45 USD

As someone with oily skin, luminous products are typically difficult for me to use. This product exceeded all of my expectations. I got the two fairest shades, Selenite and Morganite. It provides a very natural, lit-from-within glow. I have been mixing it in with my foundation every day for the prettiest, luminous glow. It does not emphasize texture, break up throughout the day, crease around the eyes, or look glittery or shimmery; it’s never sticky or tacky. Just beautiful luminosity. I also add some of this to the high points of my face at the end as a highlighter and looks so beautiful. It builds up so nicely and doesn’t disturb the makeup underneath at all.

If I had to compare this to something, it would be the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Even that isn’t really a fair comparison as this is just so much better. CT is definitely more shimmery, glittery and reflective. This is just so much more natural looking.

I think this product would work well for any skin type or tone. If you’re considering trying this, I honestly can’t say enough good things about it.


AURIC released three cream eyeshadow duos. Each duo comes potted with one creamy matte and one reflective micro-glitter shadow infused with high-shine pearls. According to the brand, you can “create creamy-matte, or metallic-glitter looks with two luxe formulas (in a single gorgeous package).”


  • DEFIANCE: Bronze
  • EGO: Silver
  • TEMPER: Rose gold


$39 USD

Let me preface this by saying that while I appreciate a good one and done cream eyeshadow (like Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize or Tom Ford), I much prefer to throw a basic bronze shadow in my crease and call it a day.

I really enjoyed the cream portion of these eyeshadows. They are easy to apply (you can use your finger or a brush) and they blend our super easily. You have time to play with them before they dry down, but once you do they are set for the day and not going anywhere. As someone with both oily and hooded eyelids, I was super impressed by how well these performed.

Admittedly, I did find the topper portion to be a little more difficult to work with and kind of hit or miss on the shadows. The shade Defiance was great for me, but Temper seemed to be packed more tightly and I had to work harder at getting any pigment out of the pan onto my brush/finger. It did seem a little better on the second and third use. Could just be a fluke thing? That also doesn’t negate the fact that I think these are very high quality, high performing shadows. I would put these up against any high-end shadows any day of the week.

Overall, I really loved these. They are a great one-and-done shadow and are nearly impossible to mess up.


I tried both of the products that AURIC launched and love them both. I have used both products every single day since getting them in the mail and highly recommend them both—however, if you were going to buy ONE product, I would definitely recommend the illuminator over the eyeshadow.

Have you tried any of these products yet or will you? I’m really excited and curious to see what AURIC will be launching next.

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